Call for formation of an international committee to investigate crimes of Iranian regime in Camp Ashraf

libertysiegeCall for formation of an international committee to investigate crimes of Iranian regime in Camp Ashraf

In a program broadcasted on April 22 and 23 on the prisons and torture centers of the paramilitary forces affiliated with the Iranian regime in Iraq and on the massacre of innocent people, especially the Sunnis, Al-Jazeera TV said: “Some of the abductees were transferred to secret prisons in Ashraf Base. This base formerly belonged to the People’s Mojahedin Organization [PMOI/MEK] but was occupied by the Badr militias. Right now, close to 150 people have been executed by the paramilitary Badr forces in Ashraf and buried in mass graves.”

Al-Jazeera added: “Many of the arrestees have been transferred to bases in Iran in Ahvaz, Dezful and Mehran and the Kahrizak Prison in Tehran” and many of the prisoners who have escaped the hell created by Daesh have been arrested by the militias and have undergone all kinds of torture or been executed.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) emphasizes on the need for urgent international action to prevent the slaughter of the innocent people of Iraq by forces affiliated with the religious fascism ruling Iran, and calls for the formation of an impartial international group to investigate the atrocities of the terrorist Qods Force and its mercenaries in Camp Ashraf against innocent Iraqi people.

Additionally, the Iranian Resistance calls for an investigation into the seven massacres conducted in camps Ashraf and Liberty that left 141 martyrs behind and the medical siege that has so far caused the death of 27 residents, as well as the PMOI property in Ashraf. The Iranian Resistance urges pertinent international organizations such as the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission (IHFFC) to do their outmost for the formation of this investigative group and the conduction of this probe.

Five credible international organizations with UN consultative status issued a statement addressing the 31st Human Rights Council session where they stressed that “there is absolutely no evidence of any investigation by the Government of Iraq into deadly attacks on Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty since 2009” and urged “conducting an investigation into the seven massacres of residents, especially that of September 1, 2013 in Ashraf and the slaughter of October 29, 2015 in Camp Liberty”.

These organizations noted that while in a rare case in the history of seeking asylum “almost all expenses, including costs of transfer, accommodation and living expenses of the residents have been shouldered by the PMOI”, but despite repeated promises by the United Nations and the United States government since 2011, residents have not been allowed to sell their property, estimated at $550 million, and they “were not even allowed to take measures for safeguarding the property. To the contrary, Camp Ashraf has not only been occupied by forces affiliated with the Iraqi government, but the locks on its warehouses have been broken and the goods stolen. This is a clear violation of the Residents’ right to property and also the failure of UN to protect their rights.”

National Council of Resistance of Iran, Foreign Affairs Committee
April 25, 2016

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