An Open Notice To The IMF Director To Cease And Desist All Egyptian Corrupt Loans

egyptdeptDear Director:

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT [w]e, on behalf of the majority of the Egyptian People, reject the International Loan requested by the Egyptian Government in the amount of $12 billion dollars and any future corrupt loans, as we did the same with the previous ousted government [.]

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE THAT [t]his NOTICE is designed to hold the International Monetary Fund responsible and liable to the Egyptians in local and international court in any violation of its Command [.]

The government, of which could [not] run the country without demanding loans, [must] leave its post immediately to one more qualified and capable of doing so. Unfortunately, [no] one has had the decency to say [,] enough [is] enough [.] In November 14, 2012 letter regarding the core “Objection to International Loan” pointed out [:]

“[O]ur unique Egyptian history taught us that those loans corrupt our society so please do not corrupt our government and society. The ousted corrupt dictator is the best testament of all when your organization loans placed him on the top of all the richest men in the entire world. We have a hypocritical government now that leads under the cover of religion and the virtue of Islamic values. Islamic values, in fact, do not agree with loans. Egypt, on the other hand, never had been in any debt nor ever requested loans prior to the revolutionary society established in 1952. Egypt, notwithstanding, does not need any economic reform. What Egypt really needs is to have the right man in the right position [.]”Id.

In January 26, 2013 following up letter on the targeted Objection to $4.8 billion dollars loan clarified [:]

“[I] urge you again to not disturb the deep love affair between Egypt and France that has been prospering for centuries which created and introduced the Statute of Liberty to the entire world. Whether you are following the events unfold in Egypt or not, the Egyptians fed up with these kinds of loans and strong opposition to them is growing day after day in Egypt. The hypocritical “Islamic” new government cannot dare to challenge its people to go to the ballot box, as their strong hold as they claimed to settle this issue. But we, the People of Egypt, reject all these kinds of loans whether with interest or not that have no benefit or effect on the Egyptian Public [.]'”

By publishing and sending a copy of this LEGAL NOTICE To Whom It May Concern [:]

I urge the Parliament of Egypt to reject all kinds of loans no matter their original resource, and to close the door of the import and export indefinitely on all food products or otherwise, including wheat in order to limit the need, value and effect of the “dollar” in the Egyptian Economy, Bank and Market alike. Egypt then [only] need[s] to plant (20%) of the land limited to cotton in order to use the rest for wheat to reach self-sufficiency in two years period [.]

With that in mind, the Parliament must enforce the 60-year-old limitation retirement law on all government general sector employees, including all ministries with exception [only] to the honorable judges at all levels to be extended to 70 years of age. Accordingly, with all due respect, the current Egyptian President [must] leave his presidency after serving his first term in office, and all future presidents [shall] comply with the Rule of Law as everybody else [.]

I urge the respectful Egyptian General Prosecutor to exercise his inherited supervisory power and issue an immediate order to close all American (Junk) Fast Food Restaurants inside Egypt forthwith. They represent [no] investment whatsoever but [a] disaster and a potential hazard to general health that put all of the Egyptians’ lives at risk. They produce and contribute along with the other imported food products to all new and unfamiliar diseases to the Egyptian society, and therefore, they must be banned altogether. It is his obligated duty and responsibility to protect the Egyptian society from all acts, conduct and sources for which consider[ed] dangerous to the Egyptian People [.]

I urge the Egyptian devoted attorneys to sue the underlying banking institution (IMF) by filing [a] class action suit in the amount of $400 billion dollars on behalf of all four millions Egyptians who suffered liver failure and virus, combined with other millions of cancer patients as a direct result of these cancerous imported food products. Without the fund provided recklessly in form of corrupted loans by this Bank, these imported diseases would have been prevented and obviated [.]

The absence of any clear plan to fit this huge loan as usual as all preceding requests must deny its eligibility without regard. Over fifty billion dollars have been donated by the Golf States during the past two years notwithstanding still [a] massive (16) million Egyptians remain living in the slums and cemeteries [.]

On the other hand, the government has created a hysterical “dollar market” for an ordinary Egyptian to participate in for which led its phony value to reach (13.5) Egyptian Pound last month. Their democratic solution was a dictatorial action to bring it down by closing many of the international currency exchange stores. Consequently, the “dollar” will be hiding under the ground until [i]t appears again for its continual marathon to exceed the boundary of (20) Egyptian Pound as we predicted recently in one of our Arabic article in case of the government’s failure to swiftly implement the measures we recommended [,] but to no avail [.]

In any event, this International Monetary Fund will be held liable for any future fund intended to corrupt our government and society or destroy the economy to justify the denial of recoupment of any reimbursement for the loan. Remember the absence of non-releasing the other fund or the disapproval of $4.8 billion dollars loan to the hypocritical “religious” ousted government had [no] effect whatsoever on the Egyptian economy or society ––– Be mindful of that [!] So should [be] the same result for the $12 billion dollars requested loan here, too [.]

To that end, if this Bank attempts to break Egypt’s economy and society with its faulty, risky and corrupted loans to gain any false influence as it may be dreamed of –––– Egypt will strike back hard and break it up and eventually put it out of business –––– That is the lawsuit meant to serve and protect. Sinking Egypt in deep debt will lead to a failure State for which no patriotic Egyptian would accept nor stand for [.]

Thanking you for denying this loan and removing our beloved Egypt from your future loans list eternally, I always remain,


Son of Egypt
/s/ Assem A. Abulkhair

نرجو متابعتنا على فيسبوك وتويتر بالضغط على الايقونتين
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