Joe Biden is an ISIS candidate

Written by Oliver
– The American presidential elections are the only one that affecting the whole world. Either pre-election or the pre-presidential ceremony and the team leaders’ selection period. Until it becomes clear to the world who is the new winner of the White House chair, each country arranges its cards in accordance with the orientations of the elected US President
– The Islamic forces inside and outside the United States have become an influential dynamic and a vote mass which has a dangerous role Since Obama’s election. Despite its small numbers, but obviously it causes a political noise. The questioning support of Obama, Hillary Clinton, and then Joe Biden in the current elections for them raise a lot of questions like why this team insist to push USA into the Islamic dark tunnel. To whom do they sell America and what is the price?
– Every candidate has the right to conclude understandings with all the electoral blocs, but what Biden is doing cannot be placed under the heading of understandings, but under the plots against the Christians of the world inside and outside America or under the indulgences into the policies of the Islamic chaos. Biden’s promises to Islamic organizations are a call for an Islamic occupation of the White House, as Obama’s deed.
– Biden and the remnants of the Obama team and its affiliates are only missing from declaring his conversion to Islam in order to win the Muslims’ votes and most importantly, the Islamists funded his campaign, and courtship of the foreign Islamic financial powers to influence the American electorate. If he fails despite all of this (and he will definitely fail), he will begin to moaning over the integrity of the elections? And is heading to block the new presidential term in all ways.
– Biden made the election is similar to those in the third world countries. He uses the verses of jihad and terrorism in his election campaign so that he is elected by American ISIS, who have Arab, Turkish and East Asian roots. And what is lacking is the distribution of bribes and subsidized foodstuffs, as Islamic forces do to win elections in their afflicted countries. All this is a desperate attempt to succeed in winning the voices of the Muslim refugees who harbor in their hearts the desire to annihilate the America that shelters them.
– Biden became the spoiled ISIS candidate. And the beloved man by all terrorists worldwide, for this reason he won the support of the largest Islamic terrorist institution under a political cover called Emgage Pac.
– The dangerous point is that, at a time when the American is known as the citizen who respects American values of independence, equality, freedom and competition, Joe Biden became familiar to speak to the American citizens with a racist view by addressing his beliefs and not his rights and duties. Joe Biden deliberately corrupts the correct definition of the American citizen.
– Trump does not do this when he raises the Bible, but he declares his commitment to the gospel in his behavior as president, as if he is taking an oath before the elections announce their results. Trump is not addressing the people in order to elect him because he will spread Christianity, as Biden promises the Islamists indirectly. By extending the random migration system that changed the demographics of American society. The migration system which needs some terms to be set to guarantee of sorting out the Immigrants with a greater ability to adapt with the American culture. While Biden declares his responsibility to protect the Islamic faith, ignoring the Christian faith, which does not need protection, but it is Joe Biden himself who needs the protection of the Bible.
-They have tried to thwart Trump’s tasks since his first month in office by questioning the outcome of his ‘election’. Then, with the various issues that have no goal but to annoy Trump every day in the White House. Then Obama’s team and his affiliates hire some spies of whom work in the White House, moreover the dismissal cases due to a naive suspicion, accusing him of asking for the Ukrainian president’s influence in the elections while most Americans do not know where Ukraine is located on the map. The forces spoiling the American dream have reached their peak with Obama. This Obama’s radical movement is trying to come back Before its horrific influence on the American character waned, This movement that aims to allow l the Islamists upper hand to control over the American decision, and the longer the Trump presidency, the more the cluster network that once seized the White House disintegrated. This is why they are ready to do anything, including corrupting America itself and violating its laws in exchange for excluding a man God placed in the way of their corruption.
The strange thing in the democrats’ statements and the odd one out of the usual American thought is the call to step Trump down without presenting a program that competes with the Trump program and its achievements. The important thing is to overthrow Trump, who has proven successful in most of the files he handled and fulfilled the promises that he made in his program in the first presidential term, and this sincerity threatens the conspirators who only know the language of linkages, conspiracies and corruption. They tried to impede him with petty botched trials and the intolerance of Pelosi, the Democratic president of the Congress, who committed actions against Trump, the less it can be described with inappropriate behavior, politically, not morally, or legally.
-The demonstrations that took place in America and the riots that took place during it and police incidents with blacks it all looks like a chaotic streak and it is a continuation of the creative chaos, the most failed achievement of Obama and his team. Blaming Trump for the consequences of natural disasters such as hurricanes and Corona is a model that repeated from ignorant classes that should not have been turned into a speech from Obama, Clinton and Biden, but it seems that they are embracing ignorance in order to flirt with the ignorant.
— If the intransigence of television networks and important media platforms such as New York Time and the BBC against Trump and spreading lies against him necessitates reconsidering the media policy charter, Just as there are laws that limit the interference of suspicious funds in the elections process, there must be immunity for the elections from the interference of suspicious biased media that serve only the competitor’s agenda which makes the electoral game unfair.
-A million Muslims in America will not influence the vote, but Biden shapes his ideological orientations and This is what we must stop at. The Nomination of Kamala Harris as possible vice president is another bribe to Asian -Jamaican American as the first woman of India-Jamaica descent to run for such a position. Kamala applied to run for president at first, but failed to answer most of the questions about her program and failed to answer questions about her plans regarding internal and external files even she failed to justify why she originally applied to run in the presidential elections? Until she withdrew. If Biden chooses this unsuccessful person to present any answer to be his deputy? The choice is not for the fittest of America, but for the fittest of Biden’s campaign. He wants to gather the races on his side as an ideological-minded candidate, not an American politician. Again Joe Biden doesn’t follow the American concepts.

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