Coptic Christian sues Kuwait and gets protection in Canada.

After Canada has accepted his Asylum for Protection  as a refugee from Kuwait, Hani Morris an Egyptian Coptic christian filed a lawsuit against Kuwait and more specifically against two major institutions there, Al Mulla Motors and united Ahli bank in Kuwait. The case was accepted by the Canadian Court.

The case is not directed against the State of Kuwait as a state, but the case is exposing corruption in state institutions, how justice is undermining Kuwait, and how to win the violation of the rights and dignity of foreign workers, and how corruption and nepotism are exploited in Kuwaiti state institutions. The Ambassador of Kuwait to  Canada Named  Mr. Abdul Hamid Al-Failakawi .
its a story of Mistreatment and torture of   an Egyptian family that deprived from its dignity for being an Egyptian family firstly and a secondly for being a  Christian.

Hani Morris who is an Egyptian christian  who traveled to work in Kuwait in 1995 and worked there until he married  in 2001 and felt in  love with  the State of Kuwait and its  people brought his wife to live with him there. Then gave birth to his first child Hanin in 2002 and his second child in 2007, , Hani and his family Kuwait was for them as  second homeland, but as the  chosen homeland, the two children loved Kuwait they  born and Grew up there  .

Han was an auto valuer at Badr Al Mulla Company , started his job there  in 2006. During his job at the company, his issue  started in January 2009, when one of the company’s clients, Ayad Fahim, an Egyptian citizen, filed a fraud case against the company. Hani Morris was taken to a  Police station in Kuwait City. Before he went to testify in the case, Hani was surprised because they called  his manager, Naziza Abu Assi. And asked hani  to testify falsely and deny what happened to the client but Hani refused to falsely Testify .

Hani lost his job because he refused to falsely testify ,Hani went to the owner of the company  Anwar Mulla and Abdullah Mulla so they help him by telling the truth but they refused to help instead they told him he must obey his manager but Hani refused to falsely testify so he lost his job permanently .

after the company fired hani from his Job then they committed a felony crime against him for being  absence from work despite his  presence .

Hani then filed a complaint of forgery against the Company. How a case of absenteeism filed against him despite of his presence at the work daily , but Hani was surprised that the prosecutor   committed another  crime against him that may not occur anywhere else in the world other than Kuwait. the prosecutor even refused to look in the case .

Hani then filed a complaint against the prosecutor’s decision to the court, but his application  was also rejected. You may be surprised when you know that the head of the court is a relative  to the owners of the company.

the case which  Hani Morris filed to preserve his labor rights in the company, the company committed another crime and told Hani that he has no rights in the company with cooperation with Kuwaiti government .

Hani Morris filed a complaint  in the case of forgery against him , The case remained for three years until the government of Kuwait told Hani don’t forget you are an Egyptian and a christian then they put hani in Jail after they forged a crime against him .

“Muhammad Abd al-Wala.” an employer in the same company told hani : we will get rid from all Christian people like you , they even seized Hani’s Car and took all his money then threw him in Jail .

what a scandal committed by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice, This has not happened  anywhere else in the world other than the State of Kuwait.

Hani Morris, who was able to obtain asylum and come to Canada on 30 August 2017.

Who now lives with his family in Canada. After being persecuted in Kuwait, he filed a lawsuit against Badr Al Mulla, Anwar Al Mulla and Ahli United Bank accusing them of causing persecution during his stay in Kuwait from 2009 to 2017.

Hani Morris received Life threats with  his family in Canada after Al-Ahram Newspaper published the case. The threats even came to  the Canadian lawyer and journalist in Al-Ahram who published the case.

The threats come from various telephone numbers, including a Kuwaiti number and other countries, summarized that Hani, his family, his lawyer and the journalist he publishes will all be killed  for the publication and for the lawsuit against the corruption of Anwar al-Mulla, Hamad al-Marzouq, Sami Thabit and the various state agencies in Kuwait state.

Immediately, Hani Morris’s lawyer contacted the Canadian police, who released a statement.
Canadian Al-Ahram appeals to the Canadian intelligence service to take serious threats and provide protection to Canadian citizens. It is known that Kuwait is a rich country that can implement its own  threats.

On the other hand, the editor of the Canadian editor-in-chief, Al-Ahram, said that he is Surprised  to such threats which maybe related to  al-Qaeda . He added that he would meet with a senior official from the Canadian Foreign Ministry to address the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry in this regard and that if the Trudeau   government did not act, he would bring the matter to the Canadian Parliament through the  opposition of the Conservative Party. the fact is the liberal party refused to help Hani and al ahram newspaper instead the conservative party accepted to help through the parliament.
former Kuwaiti MP Faisal Al-Duwaisan acknowledged and confessed for the threats which both Hani and Al Ahram newspaper received and for the persecution which happened to Hani from 2009-2017. its an absolute proof of the injustice  the Egyptian Coptic family suffered in Kuwait.and the State of Kuwait is responsible for that  firstly, demanding that their state institutions to be cleansed from the corruption and to eradicate racism and discrimination in the  state institutions of Kuwait , which is against the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed by Kuwait since its  one of the members of the United Nations..

The testimony of Kuwaiti MP :

Arrest details of Hani Morris :

loan contract details :

Hearing report – clean the bank from people like you :

the Australian coptic united :


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